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Claremont, NH

Time Frame: June - September 2015

This cleanup was the first of its kind in the state of New Hampshire. The project was a joint effort between the US EPA, New Hampshire DEQ and the Client. The site was located on the Sugar River in Claremont, New Hampshire and was the home of the former Claremont Gas Works, which began manufacturing gas for lighting streets, factories and other buildings in 1859.
Enviro-Air was contracted to perform the following work:

  • Remove asbestos roofing and dispose of it prior to the demolition of a building
  • Demolish a large process building
  • Demolish a gas holder
  • Perform In-Situ Stabilization (ISS) on 4,000 cubic yards of extremely high DNAPL impacted soil
  • Excavate, transport and dispose of 9,000 tons of MGP impacted soil
  • Install a temporary dam and dredge 400 cubic yards of MGP impacted sediment from the Sugar River
  • Dewater excavations and treat approximately 200,000 gallons of MGP impacted water, which was then discharged to the sewer line
  • Implement a 1,500 linear foot sewer bypass, replace 900 linear feet of sewer line running through the ISS area and install 3 manholes
  • Restore the shoreline and wetlands area

This project was completed ahead of schedule to the complete satisfaction of the Client and all regulatory agencies involved.

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