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Mount Joy, PA

Time Frame: April - September 2015

EAT was contracted to demolish a residential home and gas regulator station to facilitate the removal of a tar separator as well as other subsurface MGP structures. As the site was located in a residential area, it was necessary for Enviro-Air to construct a temporary building over the top of the subsurface MGP structures and excavate the MGP-impacted soil inside the enclosure. The temporary enclosure was equipped with a carbon absorber and air scrubbing system. The atmosphere inside the building was maintained under negative pressure to contain and scrub the vapors. EAT excavated and disposed of over 4,000 tons of MGP impacted soil. During the project, Enviro-Air was responsible for dewatering. This was a very difficult project in that  access was limited and a residential home was adjacent to the site. EAT completed the project with no incidents. In 2017, Environmental-Air returned to the remediated site to construct a park, later named Old Standby Park. EAT worked closely with the Borough of Mount Joy to create the park in accordance with their requests. The park construction included the following:
  • Installation of a one way road and parking spaces per PENNDOT standards
  • Installation of a concrete walkway through the park
  • Installation of benches and lighting
  • Planting a variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers
  • Placing a monument in the park
  • Maintenance of the park until the Borough of Mount Joy took ownership
EAT completed the construction of Old Standby Park ahead of schedule, to the satisfaction of the Borough of Mount Joy

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