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Toms River, NJ

Time Frame: January - June 2016

EAT was contracted to excavate and remove both known and unknown substructures and piping, MGP impacted material and TSCA-level PCB impacted material from an area directly adjacent to an active natural gas facility. This project encompassed several different waste streams that required extensive effort to excavate, manage on site, stockpile, transport and dispose of at multiple treatment/disposal facilities. The known/unknown substructures included a tar holder, USTs, concrete pads, timber piles, abandoned natural gas piping and asbestos wrapped piping. Dewatering and handling/disposal of impacted groundwater was a challenging aspect of this project.
  • Seven (7) waste streams were excavated, segregated and stockpiled on site including:
    • TSCA PCB soil
    • TSCA PCB pipe/debris
    • Low level PCB soil
    • Low level PCB debris
    • MGP soil
    • MGP pipe/debris
    • Clean pipe/metal
  • Excavated, transported and disposed of:
    • 2,500 linear feet of underground piping
    • 500 tons of TSCA PCB impacted soil, piping and debris
    • 5,000 tons of low level PCB impacted soil and debris
    • 800 tons of MGP impacted soil
    • 180,000 gallons of MGP impacted and PCB impacted water
EAT finished the project ahead of schedule.

On time. Every Time.

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